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What Is Marketing Darwinism? Why It Is Important For Business Growth.

How are you coping with the new age of digital marketing? The thing is not everyone can confidently answer this simple question.

The entire business landscape and how brands communicate is constantly evolving. Starcom likened this transformation to Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection, they described it as Content Marketing Darwinism. This goes beyond just advertising and being visible, it involves creating great communication that connects with consumers.

As for me, I think Marketing Darwinism hones on great storytelling to attract the right customers to your business.

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Gary Vaynerchuk, CEO, Vaynermedia explained it so well in this short video below.


Digital transformation has proven to be a critical source of business growth, especially with the lockdowns and restrictions, many companies have shut their doors for good because they simply didn’t adapt to digital transformations earlier on before the whole lockdowns, they ignored or underestimated the usefulness marketing communication channels like social networking with customers.

This phenomenon fits with Charles Darwin’s (1859) theory of evolution based on natural selection in a favourable environment, where it is the survival of the fittest and those that are unable to adapt become extinct. It is very important to study everyday things people take for granted that strongly influence historical events and societal developments.

The traditional way of doing marketing is slowly fading away, whilst Digital Marketing is changing the way brands communicate with consumers. Brands and retailers heavily rely on user data to get closer to consumers, in an attempt to understand what they want and then turn those ideas into new innovative products they would buy. Consumers are empowered more than ever before, and brands that know how to connect with consumers make a huge impact in the mind of the consumers, this increases the likelihood of conversion and brand loyalty.

Having a firm grasp on Marketing Darwinism, is beneficial for business growth, as you can easily use marketing communications channels to reach consumers that exist not only in your geographical region but on a global scale, provided the budget for Ad spend is available. Almost everyone has a mobile phone, companies that were slow to incorporate digital marketing to communicate with consumers and potential consumers in the past have woken up to a new reality where they have been forced out of business or barely surviving.

According to Adage, If you’re not applying Marketing Darwinism in your content strategy, your brand could be left in the Stone Age. Creating great content that works actually takes a lot of time. But it is equally important to know the right channel, right tools to use for data analysis and how to adapt it to your marketing strategy. To survive the current digital transformation, companies and brands need to understand that traditional methods are no longer effective.

Here are some digital communication channels that can be used to reach your audience.

Social Media Marketing – A study by Harvard Business Review in January 2021, discovered a rise in the historical return to social media post-pandemic, companies of all sizes increased their presence on social media, and it became a critical marketing tool during the pandemic. Social media spending was increased whilst spending on traditional advertising declined. On these social media platforms, companies are able to interact with customers and build solid communities that thrive. Those with big budgets are able to harness the power of influencers and creators on these platforms to help create interactive content such as contests, challenges, giveaways etc.

Search Engine Optimisation – A well-optimized website tends to attract more visitors, companies are learning and adapting to new ways website development to attract more visitors by making it’s mobile responsive and searchable via voice. In the past, this wasn’t a concern at all, but now everyone is forced to adapt to digital transformation for consistent business growth.

Email Marketing – This can be an effective digital marketing strategy to engage subscribers, customers want to be informed and not be sold on every email. The goal is to send emails that make people take action if done the right way, it can produce a satisfactory ROI, and also a higher chance of existing customer retention whilst still growing the email list.




















The above image shows what the customer journey should look like with your email marketing efforts. Thrive to educate your subscribers 75% of the time and 25% selling.

You want the buyer’s journey to go through a seamless process in 3 simple steps.

1. Awareness Stage: The point when the buyer decides to solve a problem with your product.

2. Consideration Stage: The point when the buyer searches for information to educate themselves and available options before making a decision.

3. Decision Stage: At this final stage the buyer has already made up their mind and makes a decision to buy your product.











Customer Relationship Management – Buyers are changing, they are more empowered, same can be said of the current business landscape, everything has changed from what it used to be 10, 5 or 2 years ago. Today’s customers are well informed thanks to the internet, consumers are now in control and can become your brand’s biggest advocate or if things go down south, can become an activist against your brand. Big brands have lost billions just be offending a particular customer or a segment of its consumers.

Companies thrive to build solid relationships with consumers and invest heavily on customer base retention, these tactics are particularly useful for consistent business growth.

It’s time to transform your Marketing Strategy.

Let me know your thoughts (after reading this article) from our initial question above ” What is Marketing Darwinism? Why do you need it for your business growth?

Perhaps, you plan on implementing this Content Marketing for your business growth? Share your thoughts with us.

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