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SEO/Content Marketing Strategy Packages

Build a strong brand identity online with creative content that turns your fans/followers into loyal customers. Be consistent with detailed social media planning to fuel your business growth, we will help you create all the assets you need which include a mix of images, graphics, and videos formatted for every platform it’s posted.

This service is for you if you are tired of no sales, no growth, wasting time and money on trial and error minimal efforts with zero results. Or maybe you just can’t manage or deal with producing fresh content to post across all the channels because you simply don’t have the time.

Don’t panic! you are definitely in the right place. As your strategic growth partner, we work with our clients to align their social media content with their overall business and marketing goals.

After a detailed study of your current social media strategy to understand your needs, we will create tailored social media content aligned with your business goals. We will give you the best support and solve any questions you might have.

Is this for you?

This creative content strategy service is for you if you:

  • Lack consistency with your social posting
  • Want eye-catching and engaging content to improve sales
  • Want a strategic social media plan
  • Want to save time and focus on managing your other business tasks
  • Need complete social media management and content creation

Our Strategy In a Nutshell


Content Audit

We will conduct a thorough audit of your current photos and videos. Don't worry if you don't have assets our creative team is here to help take care of that.

Theme Selection

Each client is different so we develop social media themes to help guide the marketing objective.

Target Audience

We conduct a study to find the best audience to target for your A/B testing campaigns.

ADs Budget

A minimum advertising budget is recommended in other to attract ready to buy customers.

Media Assets

We will help create engaging eye-catching images or videos monthly for your brand. Powerful images that tells your brand's story makes it easy for customers to make a purchase.

Content Posting

We will create graphics, captions, scheduling of posts and boost the posts for optimal exposure, never run out of social media post ideas anymore.

Insights and Reporting

We will have biweekly or monthly meetings to review and see what's working so as to make sure we’re exceeding your expectations.

Our Packages

To create the right content strategy, you need the right plan, when you fail to plan, guess what? that’s a recipe for failure and no growth.

So don’t skip through the planning and go straight into content creation, get the help you need for consistent fresh ideas to boost your business growth. The Content Marketing Strategy includes:

  • Social media style guide
  • SMART goals that align with your brand
  • Research and define your easiest customers to target
  • The right growth metrics to focus on
  • Plan a mix of content ideas that helps build a strong brand identity
  • Pick the right channel for content distribution and tools
  • Track content performance and reporting for continuous improvement

Finally, watch your business thrive!


What’s the point of having a social media account if it doesn’t have any engagement and drive brand awareness? Are you struggling to schedule posts, comment and keep up with the ever-changing algorithms?  We’ve got you covered! Our strategists are ready to help you manage all of these:

  • Creating new and interesting content ideas
  • Posting the right content at the right time consistently
  • Creating valuable content and maintaining a clear brand image and voice
  • Create and plan targeted Ads to reach potential customers
  • Use high-quality photos and other visuals
  • Respond to problems or questions from followers
  • Provide insights and monitor your brand’s progress on social media

Let us manage your social media for you.


Take the stress out of planning and creating valuable content for your content marketing by requesting your monthly content for social media. Get consistent fresh ideas of what to post and when to post it to stay consistent.

  • Custom high-quality photos and graphics
  • Social media style guide
  • Captions for Instagram/Facebook
  • Branded with your logo
  • 21 well-curated posts per month
  • Hashtags vault
  • Monthly consultation with our Growth Marketing Strategist


Still not sure which package best suits you?

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