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The First Bio Restaurant in Vallarius (French Riviera)

There are opportunities everywhere, all it takes is the courage to bring it to reality, consumers are continually looking for ways eat right and maintain a healthy lifestyle, there is no doubt that consumption patterns with greater respect for their health and the environment is paramount on the minds of most consumers, for those who care, they want to know where the food they buy comes from. Well, some food producers are paying attention, and soon there will be an increase of bio restaurants everywhere, just like how the fast food chains took over the market.

Le Comptoir is an independent bio restaurant which recently opened in Vallarius (French Riviera), they provide on-site or takeaway meal, it is next to the Bio & Co Vallauris Market.

They offer daily, fresh, good and gourmet breakfast!

– All 100% organic and accessible!

– Food is prepared on site with extreme care in the kitchen, all produce comes from organic market suppliers.

Bio Restaurant


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Traceable products and daily freshness

All organic products range from (food, grocery, bulk, beverage drinks, home, baby and child, beauty and well-being), plus: fresh, butcher and department of gluten-free products are also available.


Dr. Matilda Olori

Author Dr. Matilda Olori

Dr. Matilda is the founder of Molori Strategies, the first Growth Marketing Agency on the French Riviera, she is one of the team’s core growth marketing strategists. She possesses diverse strategic skills and specializes in innovative marketing strategies, employing a unique and unconventional approach to achieve great results. When she's not auditing strategies and creatively planning the best formula for clients' success, you will find her at the beach enjoying the ocean on the French Riviera.

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