The product was launched in 2012, it is stylish, great for elegant celebrations, and hot summer.

The trendy, delicious wine and wine specialties, are prepared with love, without artificial additives, and a highlight in design and taste.

The Just-Be Lifestyle Drinks are of outstanding quality, exemplified by BeHugo’s hand-picked elderflower.

All wine cocktails are free of chemical additives, and it stays that way, tasting delicious and balanced.

The brand offers stylish bottles and packaging which adds pizzaz to your event, just put the handy bottles on ice and serve them well chilled to guests.

The brand also offers trendy mixed elegant packing that is an ideal gift to friends and family.


New Market Development

French Riviera


Justbe GmbH & Co. KG

What We Did

Brand Awareness, Product Marketing

Premium Luxury

Lifestyle Cocktail Drink…

This delicious wine based cocktail lifestyle drink, comes in 6 different exciting flavors, the bottle looks really unique, easy to carry around lightweight environment aluminum and easy to open.

This Premium lifestyle contains 100% natural ingredients

  • BeBerry is a sparkling mix of well rounded taste of cranberries, strawberries and mint.
  • BeSprizz boast of elegant orange flavor and it’s slightly tart finish derived from bitter herbs.
  • BeHugo has a deliciously refreshing taste of elderflower, mint and lemon.
  • BeRhubarb is a sparkling mix of rubarb and strawberry.
  • BeSecco piccolo is a sparkling mix of Cuveé from Italian Glera and Verduzzo.
  • BeRosé is a sparkling mix of Italian quality wine and strawberry.