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Get helpful insights with strategy and skills to help explore new opportunities, unlock new customers and solidify your market position that will help boost sales and dominate your niche market.






Positioning is the core of any good strategy,  as it must be both long term and sustainable thus helping your growth potential. A good strategy will help you understand and respond to what your customers want and why they buy. It will also help you have a clear market profile which will guide in identifying unexplored new markets that can be successfully targeted.



I provide support to those looking to draw up actionable marketing plan, being a freelance marketing consultant allows me to provide support in a variety of ways as well as monitor your strategy effectiveness and make any adjustments required to improve sales results.


A well researched marketing plan sets the direction for specific action plan and goals to be implemented, whilst the chosen marketing strategy could take a few years to take shape bearing in mind that your defined segments relies upon the structure which we build the result driven marketing plan.

It is essential to have periodical marketing audit to see which marketing effort is working and scrap the ones that aren’t working. The support that I provide includes a detailed report in-line with your budget to help you achieve your business objectives.